Andrew’s 3 Chairs: 26 September Edition

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This is the first “Three Chair Saturday,” a weekly post to share videos, books, articles, links, and ideas that I discover throughout the week. Chatting with my buddy Peter Awad this week it dawned on me that I consume great amounts each day (books, blogs, podcasts, etc.) and I don’t take action on the takeaways like I should. One of the ways I believe I can take action is to share my favorite bits and pieces. I’ll keep these brief because I know your time is valuable. But by consuming these, I am confident you’ll find some great insight and ideas. Without further ado…

Margaret Atwood on Storytelling: This is a gem from Maria Popova and company. I love Margaret Atwood (my favorite poem) and her take on storytelling and technology in this short, four-minute video are fantastic. My favorite bit: “Just after the Gutenberg Press was invented, mountains of crap poured forth from it.”

This group from Sweden singing “Hallelujah”: This one speaks for itself (no religious orientation needed).

Olivia’s Birds: Saving the Gulf: This is a really great book for both kids and adults. Our five-year-old found it on his own at the library and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed being introduced to new backyard and endangered birds. Plus, it’s written and illustrated by an 11 (yes, ELEVEN) year old girl, post gulf oil spill, passionate about birds and saving the environment and bird habitats. She’s raised north of $200K.

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P.S.. If you’re wondering what in the hell is up with “Three Chairs,” it’s from Chapter 6 in Walden, my favorite book.

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