I’m back

After a four year hiatus from blogging, I’m back. Probably not better than ever but I’m back. As I sat at Omaha’s Eppley Airport yesterday waiting to depart for Chicago, I was reflecting on a problem I recently resolved. A problem that I never thought would resolve. I was reminded of something I believe we often all forget: there is huge power in surrounding yourself with a community that supports you. Support is a tricky word in this context. In my experience, there’s something even greater than the support aspect your people provide and that is the vehicle of challenge. It always feels good to have people give you praise but at the end of the day, praise doesn’t ensure progress. My dear friend Desiree often reminds me of the importance of thinking outside our go-to mental model of comfort. Create and nurture a community that will sing your praise but without hesitation kick you in the throat and challenge your ideas. Now go find people that enable you to achieve whatever it is you working on.

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