Cut it in Half

Our meals are better when we have a full plate sitting in front of us, right? Well, probably when we are actually eating it seems so. When our primal urges are firing on all cylinders, our eyes are popping out of our heads, and our mouths are salivating we want it all.

But then a few hours later what happens? We feel guilty because we’re stuffed and we’ve counted the calories the full portion we just devoured. But, had you cut that full portion in half, you wouldn’t feel guilty. And a bonus, you’d have another half to eat the next day for lunch.

The same is true for our creative endeavors. When starting a new project or business, we get excited and try and do everything at once. We’re human and we can’t tackle everything right away so things end up falling through the cracks. Then we feel guilty.

If we cut our goals in half at the outset, we give ourselves a much better chance of completing them successfully. When we do that, we can protect ourselves from potential guilt and failure. Then we can add the other half to our metaphorical plate. Guilt-free.