Blisters on Your Feet

In my experience, blisters on your feet must be treated quickly. You can’t look the other way. Ignoring them isn’t going to help and it’ll actually make them worse. Suffering through them isn’t the solution because the pain will continue and eventually become unbearable, eventually affecting the regular functions of your life. 

Prick and drain the blister as they appear. The longer you wait, the longer the pain lasts. 

This is exactly how life is.

When the conflict that you’ve been avoiding appears, the pain starts. You have to treat it immediately. That project you keep procrastinating starting will eventually leave your mind and desires but regret will appear. 

Ignoring = worsening.

After attending to the blister the weak skin becomes stronger. 

Pain has taught me an important thing, it is necessary to confront it, face it, receive it.

Thus, life is strengthened. 

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