An 80/20 Rule Approach to Content

Humans aren’t wired to be constantly sold to. We don’t want to be pressured into anything. And with an overwhelming amount of noise today, when we feel pressured to buy, a resentment built into the relationship. In its simplest form, most of what happens with selling is “strong-arming.”

But, we are wired to be entertained.

And when content entertains, everyone wins.

You can accomplish significantly more if you post content that entertains or what we say as “actually use.”

First, let’s get clear on what “use” means. “Use” doesn’t just mean “something that tells someone what to do or how to do something.” You know the content I’m talking about… “Top 10 ways to do XYZ,” “Do This Or Else,” etc. That’s strong-arm selling. People see through it. It’s just a bunch of words above a great big call to action that screams “BUY MY THING.”

The majority of the time, “use” should simply mean “entertain.” Yes, entertain.

Wait! What?

Yep. Not every email, Instagram, Twitter, or FB post needs to be an instruction or effort to sell.

I can you rolling your eyes.

When it comes to content, follow the 80/20 rule —> 80% entertainment, 20% sales.

Dead serious.


Because humans are meant to be told stories. We crave entertainment. We don’t crave being sold to.

But how? Bottom line, if you can write well, you can entertain your audience. And guess what? An entertained audience sticks around. Do you know who doesn’t stick around?


Yet, 90+% of people and brands write poorly and focus only on selling.

Good design is important, for sure. But good design falls flat when the writing is subpar. Good writing isn’t just for traditional stuff like email and blogs. Good writing is the success behind the good video, good interviews, good Insta Stories, good Til Toks, etc.


Because good writing cuts through the noise, entertains, and allows people to feel good. That’s the goal. Entertain people so they feel good. When you’re successful, your audience becomes faithful and has an affinity for your brand.

When it comes time to buy, because of that affinity, they don’t have to make a decision.

They’ll buy from you.

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