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Author: Andrew Nauenburg

We Talk Too Much

We Talk Too Much

Hey, parents! I mean it. Probably in general (ha!) but specifically we talk too much when our kids are reactive and having a hard time listening. We often need to be quiet. Just be quiet. I know. It sounds crazy. But bear with me for a moment…

Talking and talking to our upset children is counterproductive because the noise gives them increased sensory input and further dysregulates them.

I’m not asking you to ignore the situation and do nothing.

Instead, try nonverbal communication. Try holding them. Or a hug. Maybe rub their shoulders. Sometimes a gentle smile will do the trick. But focus on giving them a vehicle that will help calm them down.

Then, we can introduce redirection with words that can address the issue on a more logical level.


Goodness. The obsession some have with their number of social media followers is mind-boggling to me.

Now, wait…If your account exists to share selfies and cat photos, then please, stop reading and go on growing those followers. This rant ain’t for you.

BUT, If you have a social media account that is geared toward selling (insert whatever here), then under no circumstance should you focus solely on the number of followers. What do 5,000 followers help you achieve if none of them give a crap about what you’re professing or selling?


Curate a following based on connection and authenticity, those people will buy from you. You know, be a human being. 50 real, engaged followers > 5,000 uninterested warm bodies.

This also goes for your email list, sales funnel, and potential paper route.

Put the Human to Human in Your Business

You know those customers you dream of each day, the ones you want to buy from you over and over again?

Remember, they buy from you, not your over-inflated, flashy brand.

Write your copy and craft your sales content with this in mind —-> loyal customers will fall in love with the authentic, human element of your business, not the automated, stuffy part of your brand.

Build a bridge between you and your customers that they will desire. They will come back and back to it for conversations that matter.

That connection is the vehicle to repeat buying.

The Miracle of Space

This world is so wide open. An openness that gives us space. Space for us to think and create.
So much we can do.
So many available moves.
Making those moves allows the space for our imagination to run wild. We become innovative. When we recognize the need for space and make our moves, we foster positive behavior all around us.
Making those moves allows the space for our imagination to run wild. We become innovative. When we recognize the need for space we can foster positive behavior all around us.

Episode 003: Non-traditional learning with Tierney Tyan (Part 1)

Today we chat with Tierney Tyan about her non-traditional education. We learn about how to approach and get the most out of mentorship and how she’s been able to find success, balance, and happiness through resiliency and pure determination.

Show notes references and links:

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Alex Mehr, Ph.D: Founder of Zoosk and Mentorbox
Tai Lopez: Internet Marketer extraordinaire
Barbara Oakley’s book “A Mind For Numbers”
Let me Google That
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In any entrepreneurial journey, you’re going to encounter resistance. All sorts of resistance from all sorts of places and people. One, in particular, is self-doubt. At times it will rear its ugly head and cause you to think you aren’t capable or that you need to run back to corporate and sit your butt in a seat from nine to five.

Its inevitable, this form of resistance will happen. But you can be prepared. It happens to new and seasoned entrepreneurs all the same. Make sure you stay the course and do the work at hand. Rely on your list of priorities and strategic planning and you’ll come out the other side having moved yourself and your business forward. After all, moving forward is the goal each and every day.

My Revelation on Competition, Peace, Forests, and Human Beings

I’ve always found forests to be a place where I can go spend time and leave with a renewal of my passions – my writing takes on a new meaning, my work gets infused with a new energy, and my overall outlook on life is brighter. On the surface, one would conclude that’s because a forest is a place of peace.

But that’s deceptive.

Forests are ruthlessly competitive – they are in a constant battle for life and death – each tree fighting for optimal position – a slow-motion race for space and light. That winner photosynthesizes the best, creating usable energy from the best sunlight. Photosynthesis is something we as human beings depend on to survive (ever ran out of oxygen?).

A closer examination tells those of us paying attention that a forest renews passions and is a source of energy not because of its tranquility but because of our need to survive, humans have evolved to be a competitive being, feeding off the forests same desire and need to win.

Your goals don’t define you

Your goals don’t define you. Don’t let them. What does define you is how you handle the problems that you’ll face in your journey pursuing your goals.

Because we are human, we put all our chips into the outcome of those goals. We tend to tie our sense of “success” and self-worth to those goals and whether or not we achieve them. Don’t do that.

Your “success” should be tied to the process and the pursuit of working towards that goal.

I set a goal big goal for myself to get rid of sugar from my diet. It’s been a trainwreck. I fail at that attempt almost daily. But I forget to look at the bigger picture – I continue to work toward that goal and in the process, I’ve drastically cut my daily sugar intake. THAT’S STILL A WIN. Sure, I haven’t completely cut sugar, but this sugar goal of mine is going to be a process – I could have quit doing it altogether, instead, I continue to be relentless in pursuit of my goal.

So go and create big, bold, and badass goals (goal setting is important). Pursue them with an unparalleled passion but do so with an awareness and openness that achieving them is only a small part of what makes you successful. We are an imperfect being and we grow and flourish regardless of the outcome by simply being fearless in our pursuing those wild ideas.