Autonomy, Control, and Motivation

Anything that humans perceive as controlling is detrimental for long term motivation. Yet, people assume control is the only way things get done and get done correctly. 

Wrong! That’s why so many people struggle with management, leadership, and parenting of others. 

Control is bad. People crave autonomy. 

Autonomy defined = auto means self || nomos means custom or law. Think of autonomy as an internalized system of rules for living independently.

Allow your people to have the autonomy they crave even if it means at first struggling with the task at hand.

Give them the control and autonomy over where, when, and how to get things done.

Still establish non-negotiable expectations about deadlines, etc. But after those expectations are made clear, provide the time and space and autonomy to figure how the precise manner and strategy to be used to fulfill expectations. 

When you do this, people will remain motivated and perform at high levels for you.

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