As a person who struggles with procrastination, I’ve always thought it was a work ethic problem. And as someone who typically has high energy and a decent work ethic, I never understood why certain tasks I kept punting to the next day and the next day and so on. But thanks to the research of Adam Grant, the world has been blessed to learn that procrastination is an emotion regulation problem, it’s not a work …

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Don’t Be On Autopilot

You have a service-based business that changes the lives of your clients. You take them from ho-hum to hell-yeah overnight. You rock their world.  Think about this for a moment… Yet you’re trying to sell prospects your remarkable human-centered business by treating them as if they are anything but a human. Sounds weird, right?  It’s still how almost all outbound sales are done.  Cold emailing and calls are done so much and often it’s just …

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Salespeople and Empathy

If you lead a sales team and you haven’t had them tag along in your shoes for a day, do so. We ask our teams to call on people that have significantly different lives. For example, most CEO’s or C level types are busy. They aren’t sitting in front of their inboxes waiting for an email. Lots of times, they are checking once or twice per day, and that time is rushed.  We need salespeople …

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