Don’t Dismiss Everything You Can’t Measure

Startups have made a profound impact on many parts of our lives. Not limited to but things like transportation and communication are being redefined and improving almost daily. But startups have also ruined parts of our lives. Particularly, the hyper-focus on “measuring.” I’ve heard this quote or a variant so often it’s impossible to count… …

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Lean Into Your Ignorance

Lean into your ignorance. It’s often what you don’t know that allows you to make massive progress before fear sets in. If you are ignorant of what is required to execute on your idea, you will find yourself actually doing the work rather than dwelling on your awareness of roadblocks, etc.

Cut it in Half

Our meals are better when we have a full plate sitting in front of us, right? Well, probably when we are actually eating it seems so. When our primal urges are firing on all cylinders, our eyes are popping out of our heads, and our mouths are salivating we want it all. But then a …

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Why Different is Good

Does your new idea make you feel uncomfortable? Is it because it’s too risky? Do you see too many problems with it? Or, is it just different than what you’re used to? If you’re happy with your normal, then maybe that’s right where you need to be – don’t expend your time and energy pursuing …

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