Don’t Be On Autopilot

You have a service-based business that changes the lives of your clients. You take them from ho-hum to hell-yeah overnight. You rock their world. 

Think about this for a moment…

Yet you’re trying to sell prospects your remarkable human-centered business by treating them as if they are anything but a human. Sounds weird, right? 

It’s still how almost all outbound sales are done. 

Cold emailing and calls are done so much and often it’s just background noise to the receiver. Most are receiving 10+ per day.

Unless you have the latest and greatest piece of shiny tech, prospects aren’t engaging with your cold, robotic outreach. It’s just not happening. You can continue to tell yourself that you can wear them down but you’re only fooling yourself.

Salespeople are on autopilot selling an intimate and human-centered service. See the irony?

Don’t be on autopilot. Be your rad, awesome human self and sell to people, not robots.

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