How Do You Deal With Distractions?

There are a million potential distractions during a workday… And when you’re constantly running up against deadlines, they can be detrimental to your business.

Twitter has breaking news.

A competitor just launched some shiny new thing.

“That guy” in the office keeps stopping by to tell you about his weekend plans.

The boss keeps asking for an update.

There are controversy and gossip about something that happened at last week’s company happy hour.

It’s raining. Or cold. Or hot.

How do you deal with these distractions?

A mentally tough team will take them all like challenges. As more motivation to do well.
As a challenge to remain focused.

As a leader, I try to use these things to inspire my team.

It’s two days from the deadline and our competitor beat us to market? Ok, so what? Now, this is the only time I’ll acknowledge that. Yes, they got to market first. We won’t mention it again. But use this as a personal challenge. The team that wins will be the team that overcomes the conditions.

So there are loud naysayers on Twitter saying you’ll never be successful? Let that motivate you. Don’t stoop to their level. Don’t allow them to distract you. Don’t give them what they want. It will only become more gratifying to beat them.

If you don’t set an example, your team will fall into the distraction trap and get discouraged.

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