Reflections From a Mortician

Don’t let Death Guide You, Life Should Show You the Way

I used to be a mortician. My time inside a funeral home helping families at a period in their life riddled with grief was some of the most rewarding and educational experiences of my life. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss the work – even as I’m enthralled with my current situation – having a freaking blast helping people launch successful businesses and with taking early-stage brands and ramping them up to market.

But that doesn’t mean I let myself off the hook – I’m aware and full of gratitude daily for my time as a funeral director. It provided endless perspective and forced me to find the space to see how many people died with big and heavy regrets.

Oddly enough, those regrets have been the fuel keeping my creative entrepreneurial fire sparked.


It’s such a cliche, the ‘ol idea of people spouting off regrets while lying in their deathbed but those moments in a dying person’s life can and should be used as a teaching tool.

The regrets are typically stuff that they didn’t do, not the stuff they did do.

Many of us walk through life not paying attention to all the opportunity that presents each day.

Let the life you’re living now show you the way. If you want to write that book, write the damn book. If you want to start that business, start the damn business. Do it now when you have plenty of time to take the feedback the world provides and make necessary adjustments on your way to success.

Just don’t wait.

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