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Two outs. Two strikes. Down by 1.

A year ago Finn (then 8 years old) was faced with the ultimate baseball situation – needing to get a hit to save the season.

…He watched strike three go by.
…And he was devastated.
…Every ounce of his spirit was crushed into nothingness.
…Season over.

It was one of those moments as a parent you wonder if your child will come back from. The hurt screamed from his face and there was an ache in his voice that no one could shake.

We spent the coming days and weeks talking about persistence and what it means to pursue something with dedication and steadfastness. It was obvious to us that the concept of staying the course made sense to him but what was less obvious was how he would respond emotionally in similar situations.

Fast forward a year and Finn (now 9-years-old) found himself in a similar situation. 

…Two outs.
…Tie game.
…Extra innings.
…League championship on the line.
…A fastball high.
…He gets the bat on it and hits one to the gap in right-center for a base clearing, 2 RBI triple to win the game.

After the excitement disappeared a bit and we were home, he sat quietly and said to me, “you know that was a much better feeling than what happened to me last year. I’m glad I kept practicing.”

Our children teach us more about ourselves than we could ever do so on our own. 

Whatever you’re working on, keep practicing. Keep your head down, stay steadfast, and grind away… your two out, two RBI game-winning triple is just around the corner. 


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