Daring Dads #08: The Story of the Frogs

    Photo by Saeed Bayounes on Reshot

    Do you remember as a child hearing the Aesop story about the frogs and the well? It was one my grandmother told me often. It went something like this…

    A couple of frogs lived together in a marsh. One hot summer the marsh dried up and they had to search for another place to live. On their journey, they kept finding deep wells. Perfect, right? Damp and dark. One of the frogs insisted they jump in and make any of the wells their home. But the other, more wise frog, persisted in asking, “what if the well dries up like the marsh, how would we get out?”

    Aesop intended for the moral of the story to be “think twice before you act.” But as a dad, I think of this story with an additional lesson… it’s important to have good friends. There’s that saying we hear so much as adults “you are the sum of the company you keep.” That’s just as true for our children’s personal growth and success. If we want them to better themselves, their friend circle often has as much influence as we do.

    We need to help them to be prudent in their decisions on who to hang with.

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