Daring Dads #01: Emotional Intelligence

    Picture this scenario…it’s a school morning. Everyone slept a few minutes later than they should have. It’s 7:45. You’ve got to be at work and the kids need to be dropped off at school, all in the next 15 minutes. You ask your daughter how she’s doing this morning and she says, “actually I’m kind of overwhelmed.” You pause a second, look at the clock, hurry her along and say some variation of “toughen up for the day, you’ve got this, we can talk about it tonight.”

    We’ve all been there.

    And then we forget or get busy and it never gets addressed. And this is a very common occurrence in all of our homes.

    Yet we want our children to grow and mature with social and emotional intelligence. That can’t happen if we don’t find the time and space to help them navigate difficult emotions and feelings.

    Two-thirds of kids don’t believe that they have a supporting adult to help them deal with their emotions at school. And lots of kids feel the same way at home.

    Be the person to help your kids and maybe even your kid’s friends to feel supported and understood at home. Think about this when you’re pausing to fully respond to your child when they share they are struggling…it’s making and finding the time for unconditional love and support for your kids and when they need you most.

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