Flourishing Friday Episode 07: Be Positive. Enjoy Life.

    I love Mandi. She’s the most supportive partner anyone could ever have. When I have a problem or when something goes wrong (and trust me, I make a lot go wrong), she has a magical way of showing me it’s never as terrible as it seems. She always points out that things happen, and we’ll work through it. There isn’t a word or words to describe how comforting that is to hear.

    One of her greatest strengths is how she views the world – tolerance, understanding, and acceptance of what life gives us – no matter the good or bad. She’s very quiet, so most people would never know how she interacts with the world. I try to adopt this quality for myself and show others how beneficial it is to go through life this way.

    The other day we took her car into the dealership for routine maintenance. They called shortly after we dropped it off and told me they found an issue and the cost was significant. My first reaction was panic and down the rabbit hole of “we have to trade it in ASAP or this thing is going to go up in flames. Keep in mind it’s an almost brand new vehicle. She calmly told me to chill and explained that we’d pay for the repairs and that my train of thought was irrational and if I didn’t knock it off, the top of my head was going to come off. 

    We can’t let things bother us to the point that we make ourselves sick. There are times there are no easy solutions. We have to deal with those situations the best we can, do the work, take the pressure off ourselves, stay positive, and move on.

    That’s where and when we can enjoy life. 

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