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We’ve all heard this. It’s not a novel idea. Heck, my friend, Mic Johnson (#micology), spends part of every day climbing atop a mountain and screaming to anyone that will listen about this very thing.

Sadly, I’m learning that most people don’t take this advice seriously. 

COVID aside, the last 12 months have been littered with death. I’ve had friends and family die nearly every single month. And they’ve been on the younger side. Suicide, murder, cancer – just a few of the causes.

As someone who spent part of their 20s as a funeral director, I have made it a habit to talk to people quite intimately when someone close to them dies. It was never my plan, but I think a combination of working as a mortician, and my genuine curiosity has led me to be “that guy.”

What has become crystal clear over the last year is regrets. People talk about how those final days were spent talking about the things that didn’t get done. The trips that didn’t get taken. The businesses that didn’t get started and so on. 

It seems logical that regret would hang on mistakes. But mistakes don’t hold a candle to the regret of not doing.

I’m sharing these stories because I want people to truly understand we have to make the most of our lives and not let anything stand in the way of their goals and dreams.


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