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The poet Antonio Machado once wrote: “Traveler, there is no way. The way is made by walking it.”

I’ve found a great deal of wisdom and inspiration from these 12 words.

Think a moment and you can hear the profoundness in their meaning.

We all have many ideas. Lots of them are great ideas. No matter our profession or goals, we’re constantly creating.

Instead of acting and executing on those ideas, we seek people that have been successful doing something similar and attempt to replicate the path they traveled.

But in doing so, we’re missing the point.

There is no “exact” way.

The way is made by walking it. That’s an important truth to remember because by not doing it our own way, we neglect our own strengths, desires, hopes, and worries.

Without considering these things into the equation, we burn out. We lose the energy that drives us forward.

So, learn from those that came before us and be inspired by them, but we must discover how to put into practice our own unique talents in particular circumstances in which we live.

The way is made by walking it.


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