#01: Greg Taylor: Mentors, Mental health, Entrepreneurship, and Asking for Help

    Greg Taylor (@GRTaylor2) is a well respected WordPress Developer and Content Marketer. He’s the founder of Trinity Web Media – a company that exists as a result of his passions, creating great websites that meet client goals. “If a site looks great, but doesn’t achieve the results Trinity’s clients need, we haven’t fully done our job. Only when a site looks great, ranks well and converts — then we know our job is complete.” Residing outside Philadelphia in Oaklyn, NJ in Greg’s spare time he enjoys living a lifestyle that includes friends, family, and fitness. He’s also the host of an amazing podcast called The New Marketing Show. Check it out!

    Greg and I go deep on a few really important topics – specifically mental health and how the wellbeing of our minds relates to our overall happiness. We talk about the need and importance of community and how where we live isn’t as important as how vulnerable we make ourselves with the community in which we live. We had so much fun, I hope you do too. Thanks for being here.

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    We discuss:
    Gangplank in Chandler, AZ
    Donn Felker
    The Fish Tank Co-Work Space
    • Mentors like Francine Hardaway
    • Asking for help in your personal life and your business
    • To be successful in life and business, you must know your value
    • Does where you live have any implication on your success?
    • Saying no more often
    • Non-negotiables in life and business (and why they are vital to your happiness)

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